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LARCENY, Definition, Larceny Defenses, No Defense, Value of Property, Petit Larceny, Grand Larceny, Aggravated Grand Larceny...
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Penal Law Popular Search Terms. Top 20 Most Actively Searched Terms in the New York Penal Law Code
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Guide to Class A Misdemeanors in New York State Penal Law. Misdemeanor is a sentence of imprisonment in excess of 15 days may be imposed, but not in excess of 1 year.
Score: 24
GUIDE, New York State Penal Law - Most Common Arrest Charges.
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GUIDE, New York Penal Law Hate Crime - Specified Offenses.
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HATE CRIMES, Legislative Findings, Specified Sentencing...
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CORRUPTING THE GOVERNMENT, Definitions, Public Corruption, Sentencing...
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GUIDE to Criminal Offenses in the New York State Penal Code
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AUTHORIZED DISPOSITIONS OF OFFENDERS, Youthful Offender, Juvenile Offender, Restitution...
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